The Name of the restaurant

The name of the restaurant comes from the address of the main shopping boulevard – ‘Tsar Simeon Veliki’ 65,
300 meters from the main road Sofia – Bourgas and 400 meters from the central square of Stara Zagora.

The restaurant is set in a spacious public park with unlimited parking spaces in the area.

The restaurant has 240 + 200 seats and offers dishes and 30 kinds of pizzas from the traditional Bulgarian and European cuisine.

Restaurant & Pizza ‘Tsareva 65’ is situated on an area of 800 sq.m., divided into 2 floors, which are stylistically different and complementary.

The First floor

The first floor is entirely in the style of the English Pub.

The sophisticated setting is suitable for both business and romantic encounters.

With its wide-screen HD TVs, Restaurant & Pizza ‘Caria 65’ is the perfect place to share sports events.

For lovers of cold beer, the restaurant offers unique equipment in Bulgaria. You can pour yourself a glass of cold beer directly from the crane mounted on your table. You do not need to look around for the waiter when your glass is empty, just pouring in. ‘At your fingertips’, as in Kamenitza’s advertising, but here the beer is the renowned ‘Stella Artoa’.

Come and enjoy the atmosphere

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The Second floor

The second floor carries the spirit of the Bulgarian tradition.

The domestic style of this part of the restaurant is the familiar atmosphere of the ‘Hinapa’ restaurant in Stara Zagora.

And some say that Bulgaria ends in Europe and the Orient is starting here.

For the comfort of the clients and their families there is also a children’s playground where the pedagogues will take care of the youngest.

For your convenience and comfort

we care for 30 staff, guaranteeing good service and high quality food.